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Posted: February 19, 2016
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Fork condition getting set to false


We are currently observing an issue which is caused by a fork condition getting evaluated as 'false' intermittently even when it should not be the case. Just wanted to ask if this is at all possible. I have tracer output from production which is showing that the values are proper to evaluate the condition as true but it is setting as false.

Expression: .TotalPassedTokenPoints >= .TokenPointsNeededForTask

Values at the time of evaluation:

Value of 'TotalPassedTokenPoints' = 8

Value of 'TokenPointsNeededForTask' = 4

Expected outcome: true

Actual outcome: false

Both properties are of Integer type.

Can someone please let me know what could be the root cause behind such a case?

Part of the flow that is having this issue (intermittently, not always):

Flow snippet.jpg

Tracer output:


The values of the properties are same through out the operation (checked and verified)

Can you please also let me know if we can avoid this scenario by using a When rule instead of Fork expression?



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