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Posted: May 5, 2019
Last activity: May 14, 2019

Getting the Pega Pulse section after the submission of form by external user in DWA

Hi All,

I had a requirement to built a DWA and after the submittion of assignment from the external user assignment should get rout back to the worklist of the internal user.

I have implemented the DWA and able to see the section for external user and after clicking the submit button i am getting the Pega pulse section which asks for note and then button is POST.

1- I have read that in DWA there can not be two consecutive section else we will get an error due to requestor session.

2- i want to remove pega pulse section.

3- after clicking the post button i am getting error and my assignment is get stuck in external- pending stage.

Please let me know the solution so that i will reroute my assignment to the internal users worklist.

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