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Grid in overlay with expandable row issue

I have a link set to launch an overlay. In that overlay there is a grid with expandable rows. Everything is read-only. The link appears in the case details section on all screens. In the review/confirm harness, if I open the overlay and expand a row then later try to refresh or launch an assignment the system thinks I've made a change and I get the "Unsaved changes" dialog where it it says "You are about to discard your unsaved changes." even though no changes were made. The grid is set to "None" for "Row editing" and I also tried "Master-Detail". I've checked all though the configuration of the FA's and sections and don't see anything else I can set to force read-only always.

I'm not sure what else to do to make the system understand this overlay is read-only and no changes will ever be made and to stop prompting the "Unsaved changes" dialog.

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