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Posted: February 12, 2021
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Posted: 12 Feb 2021 15:37 EST
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Group page list into page group

I need to write a function that groups page list results into page group by defined property and appends a list with results.

Please see attached screenshots. 

java code:

PublicAPI tools = ThreadContainer.get().getPublicAPI();int length = sourcePageList.size();

for (int index = 1; index <= length; index++) { String stringProp = sourcePageList.getPageValue(index).getString(keyPropertyName); String Key = abrint_utilities.EnsureValidGroupSubscript(stringProp); ClipboardPage target = targetPageGroup.getPageValue(Key); if (target == null) { target = tools.createPage("targetClass",  ""); targetPageGroup.add(Key, target); }




Parameters are:

sourcePageList  ClipboardProperty

keyPropertyName String 

targetPageGroup ClipboardProperty

targetClass String

The problem is that pxPages are Classless,IF statement return false and method createPage doesn't work as expected.

I've tried to remove this check but then target.getProperty(".pxResults").add(sourcePageList.getPageValue(index)) doesn't work

Also I've tried to use targetPageGroup.getPageValue(Key).add(sourcePageList.getPageValue(index)) but then I get only 1 pxResults into pxPages.

I need to implement it by function without activities or data transforms.


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