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Posted: August 5, 2018
Last activity: August 6, 2018

How to parse CSV into page list


We need to take in CSV file (see below), and create a work. One CSV file becomes a single work object, and I want to make a page list from a number of multiple lines inside a CSV file. For example, CSV looks something like this:

ProductID, ProductName, Price
004, Eraser, 1.5
010, Pen, 1.2
002, Note, 2.0
050, Pencil, 0.5

File Listener finds this file and start an activity pyStartCase under MyCo-MyApp-Work-PurchaseRequest class. I konw how to create a file service and service package using a Service Wizard.

What I do not know is, how to parse CSV into Page List. I searched PDN and found some related articles like below but not quite.

I believe I need to use Parse Delimited rule and Parse XML rule but I am not sure how. What is the simplest and easiest way to achieve this? Could someone describe the detail?


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