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Shivanshu Kapoor (ShivanshuK)

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Posted: January 8, 2018
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Handling Exceptions/Errors that can occur at any point during bot execution for a Windows Application

Hi ,

I am working with a windows application. So, I am trying to capture all negative scenarios that could happen during bot execution. I am unable to figure out :

1) How to capture the scenario wherein a network or application defined error occurs during bot execution. Also, this error can occur at any point of time during execution. Presently, what we are doing is that we are waiting for a "Created" Event of the Error message pop-up to appear during bot execution, as and when it appears during execution, the bot is responding to this created event as expected, sending a mail to support team and terminating the runtime.

2) Now, the issue is that, the bot is responding to this "Created" Event for all the error message pop-ups that appear during execution because the control type is the same for all the pop-ups that could appear for the application even if the type of errors are different , so suppose if for a particular application defined error, we don't want the bot to terminate instead we want it to continue as it is, how do we identify the type of error that occurred and program the bot accordingly ?

Also, this error message pop-up that appears, contains a line or 2 about the type of error that occurred, an OK button and a cancel button(not for all pop-ups), however the control type for the pop-up is the same for all errors.

Any inputs on how can this be handled ?


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