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Posted: July 30, 2020
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How to bulk import AD users to Pega?

I am looking for a way to import 300 AD users in Pega to be able to push RDA solution using Robot Manager. I understand that for RDA - it is probably common to simply pull a solution from the network location or similar but I would like to have a possibility for the robot/user to authenticate via Kerberos and pull the package if it is assigned to him/her or the group. It is all working as expected except one thing - it seems like the only way for me to import a bulk of users - would be to use a csv file import option. That also works but it missing one thing - checking 'use external authentication' check box for each operator it creates. This way the Pega admin should go to each new operator that was created and check that check box manually. Is there any way to check it during the import/creation? I have filed a ticket and I believe the enhancement request was open but was wondering if someone maybe found a solution already because it seems like pretty common scenario/approach if you want to use RM for RDA. Thank you!

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