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Posted: November 19, 2015
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How to configure Pega 7.1.8 to do e-mail relay with SMTP?

Disclaimer I apologize in advance for my ignorance of the terminology I have used here. I welcome corrections! My black belt is in PRPC development; when it comes to the intricacies of email server configuration, I am definitely a white belt. When someone corrects my clumsy use of terminology, I become smarter, so instead of getting offended when someone corrects me, I am very grateful :-)

Now the topic

I am trying to set up PRPC to call an e-mail server that will relay messages. My knowledge of the terms used here is not great, but I do get the impression that PRPC has the capability to call a server for SMTP relay.

As I understand it, PRPC should call the other server on the typical port 25 for relay. The options in the Pega 7.1.8 e-mail wizard for e-mail account seem to assume that PRPC will be connecting as a client, on port 587, with a username and password. Similarly, the PDN articles on the subject seem to assume the same, that I will be sending e-mail as a client, not asking another server to relay. I did notice, however, that username and password are not required fields.

This article appears related. It discusses an error someone encountered when doing e-mail relay:

The responses indicate that PRPC would not be authenticating with username/pwd. Instead, authentication will be by IP address:

Question "does your SMTP server authenticate based on username & password OR ip address?"

Reply "Our SMTP server authentication is based on SMTP address. This is working in PRPC V 5.3 as is with just SMTP ip address. We did not change the SMTP server."

The eventual conclusion of that discussion is that, after installing a hotfix, the relay worked. That's why I have the impression that PRPC has the capability to do what I'm asking about here.

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