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Posted: December 18, 2017
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how to refer or use a local file on server and what is proper way to give a file path in pega


We are referring a local file in server to attach it to the work object but we are getting error as file not found

We are using OOTB activity "SaveUploadedFile" to attach the file for this we have to set "pxRequestor.pyFileUpload" property for this activity which i am setting to path “opt/var/abc/policies.pdf”

i am getting the exception here

If we copy refer a file from service export folder its working fine like I am referring this pxProcess.pxServiceExportPath + .pyFileName


pxRequestor.pyFileUpload" == pxProcess.pxServiceExportPath + policies.pdf

But I have to refer a file from specific folder like "opt/var/abc/policies.pdf" how can I refer folder path like this

Some pega properties refer service export directory like file://web:/StaticContent/global/ServiceExport/

And pxServiceExportPath=: file://default:/

And if i use connect file in "opt/var/abc/" it is working fine files are getting created in the specified path

If I refer “ file://web:/StaticContent/global/ServiceExport/ “ in connect file its not working

Please let me know what is main difference between this paths.

Please let me know how file form specific folder in server read a file.

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