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How to stop Agents from showing/starting in the SMA automatically in a multi-node environment. 7.1.6

We have a multi-node system running 7.1.6. We have an issue where all of the Agents are showing in each of the nodes of the system. We only want Agents like SystemPulse, SystemCleaner, SystemIndexer, RuleUsageSnapshot to run on every node. All of the others, we want to run on a specific node.


Cusrrently we have gone in to the SMA and stopped all of the other Agents on the nodes we do not run them on. The problem we have is that if the AIX Engineers have to clear out all of the temp directories, all of the agents start on all of the nodes. This can cause problems because it produces multiple work.

1. Is there a way to have the Agents to only start on the nodes we want them to show?

2. Is there a way to have the Agents only showing on the nodes they are suppossed to be on?

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