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Mark Switzer (switm)
Principal Solutions Consultant
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Posted: July 14, 2020
Last activity: July 21, 2020

How to update pyMobileAppURL in an 8.4 application rule?

Similar to a now-archived question, I do not know how to update pyMobileAppURL.  This property can be seen by looking at the XML of an Application rule.  In my case, I cloned an environment, and updated all the URLs from the old environment to the new one.  I do not know how to change this one though.  It is the only one I have not been able to update.  I do not want URLs from the old environment to exist in the new environment AT ALL.

I just want to update a Pega property from within the Pega Platform.  Is this possible?

I do not want to follow the suggestion in the now-archived question, which was to update mobile install files (such as files in an apk).  I want to change/fix the actual property from within Pega Platform.


(p.s. - what are the rules for when a question gets archived?  Is it a certain amount of time of inactivity, moving to a newer product version, etc?  Seems like questions should stay open indefinitely until answered,and there should be no need for me to create a whole new question.)

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