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Posted: January 29, 2021
Last activity: January 29, 2021

How to use MTOM in a SOPA Connector

Has anyone experience with configuring MTOM in a SOAP Requestor and give some hinds what needs to be considerred?


Unfortuantely the binary is still in the xml envelop when the request is send.

So the substitution of the base64Binary type element was not sucessfull?

What do we miss?

Our Setup:

We have a SOPA Connector which should post data up to 50 MB to the service which accepts mtom.

MTOM is enbaled on our SOAP connector and we have also added to the request strukture an element with base6Binary type.

This is the document part of the structure:

<ns2:dokument xsi:type="ns2:Dokument"> <ns2:dokumentID xsi:type="xsd:string">ID56470b2797fe4f26a79740b5952cf6dd</ns2:dokumentID> <ns2:bezeichnung xsi:type="xsd:string">medien1mp420160907</ns2:bezeichnung> <ns2:daten xsi:type="xsd:base64Binary">AAAAGGZ0eXBtcDQyAAAAAG1wNDFpc29tAAAARXV1aWRcpwj7Mo5CBahhZQ7KCpWWAAAAKTYuMy45NjAwLjE4MjA0ICh3aW5ibHVlX2x0c2IuMTYwMTIxLTA2MDApAEB8Hm1kYXQAAAAAAAAAEAAAAAIJEAAAADMGBS8C+GFQ/HBBcrcySPOnKj00TWljcm9zb2Z0IEguMjY0IEVuY29kZXIgVjEuNS4zAIAAAADsBgXoy7ITkphzQ9qopsdCmDVs9XNyYzozIGg6MTA4MCB3OjE5MjAgZnBzOjE1LjAwMCBwZjo2NiBsdmw6MTEgYjowIGJxcDozIGdvcDozMCBpZHI6MzAgc2x.....
.... 5MB Binary

I have enabled debug logging for the activity InvokeAxis2 and see that the MTOM optimization logig is triggered and the base64Binary type has been removed during this optimization.

But it has not been substituted with an xop:Include element.

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