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How to validate payload of inbound service request

we have an API which is exposed to external systems to create cases in pega . Can we do basic validation of Payload ( XML/ JSON) before it is mapping to  pega data layer?

There are four different formats of json requests to create different types of cases in pega. If any unwanted/unrelated tag comes in the request then system should say it as bad request .we can't relay on upstream systems to send the request in correct format.

we have certain white list elements that should suppose to be allowed only for particular case creation request . As per below example :- officer details comes in the request of support case then we should reject it .

whitelist 1 (Applicant details etc..)----> supportcase

whitelist 2  ( officer details )-----> investigationcase .

t it can be done using validate rule but it's become more element specific validation and need to impost more conditions in validate rules. Is there any better way to validate MyServicePage against whitelist elements ?  

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