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vivek sathiamoorthy (jviveks19)
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Posted: January 22, 2019
Last activity: February 13, 2019

HTML codes are rendered on the table when huge data is loaded

I have a scenario where my page structure is pyWorkPage.PageName1.PageList1(1,2,3....). Under this PageList1 i have some other embedded pagelists. My requirement was to show the details in the tabbed form where in the first tab i need to show the summary of all the PageList1 and also few of the embedded pages where the user will enter some values. In the consecutive tabs each tab should correspond to the each PageList1(1),PageList(2), etc.... along with its embedded pages. Basically the first tab is for user input and other tabs for displaying the calculated values

To achieve this we constructed another pagelist with Property-Reference where the first item will be a dummy item in the list for UI purpose and we gave that list as a source for a tabbed repeat. In the section embedded in the Tabbed Repeat we had two section - one for displaying the Summary tab and other for displaying information in corresponding PageList1 based on a flag. Only for the first item in the List the flag will be true . In the first section the context would be pyWorkPage.PageName1 and for the other section it would be the primary context of the new pagelist constructed. In this way my first tab will show all the informations of the PageList1.

This used to work fine .But recently we noticed that if there are more than 5 or 6 elements in the PageList1 then when the screen renders it is throwing html codes along with the required details(eg.Liabilitydatalabelwritedevsection). And also other few elements in the screen are dropped out other than layouts in the mentioned section. And this is not even consistent. It happens for different counts of pagelist.

Is this issue happens due to more details loaded onto the screen. I dont see any error in logs or Tracer. Does anyone have any idea. Does defer loading can help solve the issue ?

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