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Interaction History Record Migration From 7.2.2 to & 7.3.1 Environment

We are working on migrating our Marketing and NBA application’s from 7.2.2 to 7.3.1 environment in 2 phases.
The plan is to migrate Marketing application in first phase and NBA application in second phase

For first phase, we are planning to copy the interaction history as it is to 7.3.1 environment and populate the new columns by using Column populator Utility provided by Pega.

After first phase, Interaction history with same pxFactID value might get created by NBA application (7.2.2) and Marketing application (7.3.1) at same time. What is the best approach to migrate interaction history record generated by NBA application in second phase without any conflicts?

We have around 40 million records now. We expect 2-3 million records to get created in 7.2.2 environment during this period. I couldn't figure out pxFactID generation logic to update the pxFactID (values ranging from -9175856912650182701 to 9175535499679907826) before migrating this delta NBA 7.2.2 interaction history data to 7.3.1 environment during phase 2.

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