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Interogating combo box


We are developing an RPA on an existing business process. we have a combo box to interrogate and select / choose a specific value but we couldn't succeed.

  1. when we got this control from web, it was created as txt box, we tried to set its value and text but didn't work..
  2. we tried to get the SELECT control using 'web control' >> 'live web controls' . then we tried some control methods to set its value as needed like:
    - selectItemByIndex
    ​- selectItemByText
    ​- selectItemByValue
    ​- set_innertext etc etc BUT .... nothing was happening to our combo box..
  3. Attachemetns:
    ​- File controlmethods >> screenshot of control methods used to text combo box value
    ​- File designBlock >> shows specific design blocks used to set combo box values
    ​- File htmlCode >> html structure of the combo box we are trying to interogate the set its value as needed..

    May i ask if someone has an idea to how solve this one?
    ​NOTE::: i already interrogated combo boxes and worked fine.. this one is a bit strange that doesn't go well...

    ​Many thanks in Advance


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