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Populating a combo box from Excel


Tl;dr: How could I use a lookup table to store a small Excel file (no more than 100 lines) and input items that meet certain critera into combo boxes as items?

I have an automation that requires selecting an item from 2 combo boxes before outputting a 3rd item of information. So you are selecting a Category and then the Title, then the full item.

All of this information is stored in an Excel file. Here is a snippet:

The UI looks like this:

My automation searches through Excel Column 1, for Categories matching the Category selected in combo box 1. Any results are added as items, to Combo box 2. The automation will then search Excel Column 2, for any Titles matching the Title selected by the user in combo box 2. Here's a snapshot of the automation:

This was working perfectly fine, however it is now going very slowly when populating the combo boxes. I assume having the combo boxes repopulated from Excel every time a value is changed, is not the most efficient way to do this.

Could this be done more effectively with a lookup table? If so, please could somebody point me in the right direction?


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