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Posted: August 4, 2019
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Is it possible to change the order of the pxFlow pages in 7.3 version


In my business scenario, multiple assignments are open and assigned to Case owner. If the user has opened 4 assignments per one case the pxFlow page order is like below.

pxFlow(OutcomeFlow_1) - This is the third assignment

pxFlow(OutcomeFlow_2) - This is the Fourth assignment

PxFlow(pzInternalCaseFlow) - Internal

pxFlow(Analysis) - This is the First assignment related to "Analysis" Case Type. From here user clicks on the button. Which has activity to initiate a "Outcome" flow on the data class.

pxFlow(OutcomeFlow) - This is the Second assignment

After completion on any one outcome assignment my user wants to see "Analysis" case . But system is taking as per pxFlow structure. For example user completes pxFlow(OutcomeFlow_2) page assignment , system is taking to pxFlow(OutcomeFlow_1) assignment to perform. But my user wants to see always pxFlow(Analysis) Assignment Page.

My question here is : Is it possible to change the order of the pxflow? Please let us know if there are any solutions.

Observations : Tried same scenario is 8.2 version. pxFlow is forming sequencially, means first assignment will be pxflow(firstPage) ....In my scenario first assignment is pxFlow(Analysis) . After user performs any assignment it is automatically taking to pxFlow(Analysis). I am able to change the order of pxflow however I want, but in 7.3 I am not able to do that.

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