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JVMCFRE003 bad major version - Pega Call V7.1.3.3

After upgrade of PegaCall to Version for CPM V7.1.3 on PRPC V7.1.8, information on version tab in PegaCALL Administration and Configuration landing page is shown as, [Exception details - Attached to this discussion.]


Inorder to upgrade, the steps followed are,

1. Imported the PegaCALL_7133.jar

2. Imported the following hotfixes - HFIX-21430, HFIX-22419, and HFIX-24821

Issues after upgradation are,

  1. Not able to find instance 'channelservices-admin-ctilink-local-jtapi' in the PegaCALL Administration and Configuration landing page- but able to find the same in the instance list of that class
  2. On click of 'Test-connectivity' on CTILink instance - error shown in tracer Unable to open an instance using the given inputs: pxObjClass = "ChannelServices-Admin-Properties-CTI", pyName = "CTIProperties"
  3. Error upon click of refresh button in version tab of PegaCALL Administration and Configuration landing page - The Flow Action pre-processing activity GetVersionInfo failed: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/pega/pegacti/core/Version

Attempted solution mentioned in support article @Node ID: 321246

Please suggest how to solve above mentioned issues.

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