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Posted: March 25, 2020
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The latest PostgreSQL JDBC Driver with Pega Platform 8.4


Customer reported that the latest PostgreSQL JDBC Driver, "postgresql-42.2.11.jar" won't work with Pega Platform. When they try to start Pega Platform, it throws an error below:

ERROR - There was a problem committing a transaction on database pegarules Database-General There was a problem committing a transaction on database pegarules 0 25P02 The database returned ROLLBACK, so the transaction cannot be committed. Transaction failure cause is <<ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pr_sys_ruleset_index_pk"...

However when they replace the JDBC driver with old one, such as "postgresql-42.2.9.jar", Pega Platform starts without a problem. They are pretty positive that this issue is being caused by JDBC driver. Since this new driver seems to be just released this month, I was unable to find any reference information on web, or Platform Support Guide. Anyone faces the same issue? Does our assumption sound fair? Please let me know.


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