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Posted: March 26, 2019
Last activity: March 26, 2019

Library compilation issue in Smart Dispute 7.22

We have installed SD 7.22 on pega platform 7.2 with JRE 1.8 version. Installed all the hotfixes release for 7.22 SD.

Tried creating a sample dispute flow. Facing blocker with the below error message ** 1326018291§GetSecondLastStatementDate§PegaEL-InvalidExpression No candidates found [possible function name, ruleset/version or number of parameter problem] for Rule-Utility-Function in ruleset list <null> expected since isEditing is false ruleset = PegaCardSd library = Default functionName = GetSecondLastStatementDate parameters = [ Item: param.BillingCycle Pega type = text Java data type = String, Item: @(Pega-RULES:DateTime).getCurrentDateStamp() Pega type = text Java data type = String] @(PegaCardSd:Default).GetSecondLastStatementDate(param.BillingCycle,@(Pega-RULES:DateTime).getCurrentDateStamp())

We tried generating the library and function manually. but it is showing the below error

Error Messages:

Error(s) detected while generating java. Compiler reported: ---------- 1. ERROR in \com\pegarules\generated\ (at line 102) HashMap<String, String> hmap = new HashMap<>(); ^^^^^^^ '<>' operator is not allowed for source level below 1.7 ---------- 1 problem (1 error) Compile failed.

Attached the screenshots also. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance

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