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Posted: June 15, 2020
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Looping through pyAttachments and triggering a When Condition

I am looping through attachments on the pyWorkPage which have been created/referenced via a Datapage.

My requirement is to find the index of  pyCategoryName when the pyCategoryName equals "Comatose"



Can some show me what I am doing wrong in the activity below and specify the correct syntax.



When I run the above code, PEGA does not fail.

My Param.testing in step 4. shows the correct length of

'pyAttachments [Refers to D_AttachmentList_3981pz.pxResults]'

My Param.test that I set to zero in Step 2 is still zero which makes me think that Step 3 is not executing at all as it is not of pxResults Type.

How can I loop through 'pyAttachments [Refers to D_AttachmentList_3981pz.pxResults]' under pyWorkPage and will my WHEN rule in 3.2 fire or do I need to reference it using <CURRENT>.  In my pages and classes I have declared TempPage to be the pyWorkPage Class and pyAttachments as Link-Attachment.




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