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Posted: April 25, 2021
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LSA Course : "Framework" VS "Component Application"


It seems to be overall recognized that using a "Framework" is not a viable design choice unless under very specific circumstances. 

For example, the course says: "When using the New Application Wizard do not use the "Framework" option purely for the sake of future-proofing. Maintaining a framework comes at a cost that cannot be justified without clear evidence for its need. "

I'm having a lot of trouble understanding why the same reasoning does not seem to be applied in regards to component applications. 

In my view, a component application does not differ much from a framework. It's just the logical evolution of a framework since Pega allow multiple built-on application. 

It's still a "reuse layer" that can be specialized. 

So my question would be in what kind of situation should a component application be recommended over simply having 1 ruleset per case type? Should it follow the same reasoning as for the framework? Aka a clear requirement for reuse?  Or just the fact that some functionalities "go together" justify the choice of making a component? 


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