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Posted: August 28, 2018
Last activity: August 29, 2018

Meaning of "Delta mode" and "Include data types"


I have two questions about checkbox usages in Product rule. I read the Help but still I am unable to see how exactly it is making differences when I check on / off.

#1. Delta mode
It sounds like it retrieves only patch version. I created MyApp:01.01.01 and MyApp:01.01.02 to see if it makes any differences but it retrieves the same number of rule instances when I check on / off.

#2. Include data types
According to another article below, this means all the data class instances in an application will be included. Is it right? If so, it is not a good practice because some Data class instances in Dev will be the same as Prod but many of Data class instances will have to be excluded (for example, MyApp-Data-Customer in Dev has many Test Customer data instances which should never be imported to Prod). I would never use it but I will specify it in "class instance to include". Does my statement sound fair?


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