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Modify the filename generated from BIX

we are using OOTB pxExtractDataWithArgs activity to generate BIX extractions for multiple applications.

We have a requirement to achieve the following

  • Append certain text in the file to identify from which application the file was geenrated.
  • Currently the date is getting appended using ddmmyy format, we want to append timestamp as well to the filename.

for example, considering the below filename BIX_Data_Admin_Operator_ID_ExtractOperatorID_191204_1

This provides information that the file was generated from DATA-ADMIN-OPERATOR-ID class on 191204 , but does not convey the application name for which it was generated. So how can we pass a text like applicationname that would help in differentiating between files generated for different application. Also how to include timestamp in the filename itself

Thanks for your help in advance

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