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No "Service Type" available in Designing A User Interface exercise

First of all to be clear, I am doing the System Architect Essentials v8. The post course drop down only has v7.1, no v8.

My issue is that I am trying to do the "Exercise: Designing a user Interface". I have completed all of the exercises to this point. The assignment summary says I will

Apply the format to the Service type drop-down label...

and then in the step by step instructions say that I will:

  1. From the Dev Studio header, from the Create menu, select New > Assistance request to create a new case. The New: Assistance request form is displayed. Examine the current configuration of the New: Assistance request form, noting the lack of user guidance and terms used in the drop-down list.

and also

5. Click the Service type drop-down to display configuration details for the drop-down control.

To this point, we have never added anything to the "New: Assistance request" form. Apparently, we were supposed to have created some kind of drop-down that had selections like "My vehicle won't start, I have a flat tire, or My vehicle is out of gas (several other options.) All in a dropdown field called Service Type...but none of the exercises to this point have instructed use to create any kind of dropdown on this intro page. I have backtracked through all of the previous exercises and the step by step instructions, but there is absolutely no reference to any kind of a Service Type dropdown being added to the intro page of a new case.

It's as if there was supposed to be an additional exercise for section 20, User Interface: Customizing user view layout that had us create a service type and maybe adjust the layout? But there is not. There is no reference in any of the text for the exercises regarding a Service Type element.

I have restarted this entire lesson multiple time thinking I have missed a step and even unenrolled and started with a new VM. But still, there is no Service Type elements or instructions on when or where to create this Service type.

Please tell me where I can find these instructions so I may complete this exercise and this course.

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