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Posted: February 6, 2020
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Obj-Validate issue on transition step in Activity

I am currently experiencing an issue in an activity where I am trying to handle errors in the transition step (Jump).  This step involves the use of the Obj-Validate command, and there is an error occurring in one of the rules defined in the Validate rule that is being used.  I can see through the tracer that failure bubbles up from the Validate rule all the way back up to my activity. 

When it gets to my activity, the step status is defined as "FAIL" and the step status info contains an error message that is correct for the issue we had.  It doesn't appear that either the StepStatusFail check on the transition step or the Exception step are catching the fact that the Obj-Validate step has failed.  Due to this, I am not able to intercept it and handle it.

This behavior does not seem consistent with the way other command respond to a transition step check.  Are there other options to do this or potentially a HotFix to address it?  If not, this will be a large hurdle for me as we are using this particular activity to validate data as part of an automated process ran through an agent.

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