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Opening an Existing Case Work Item from Flow Activity - pyCommitError DB Save using an insert failed


We need to open an existing case from within another case using an activity but we are getting database insert error. It seems to be doing a Commit Action when we try to open the case.

Is there a way to NOT make a commit action or any possible solutions to this problem?

Thnx in advance. Please find the detailed problem description below:

Pega platform: 7.1.7

Problem: Opening an existing non resolved case with a known case ID in Perform mode. Main Case which will open the existing one is called UW, and case to be opened is ELM

  • UW case calls the flow “ElmForUW” as sub process
  • ElmForUW flow checks for existing elmas inquiry and if exists, gets the case ID and calls an activity to open existing work with case ID (pyID)
  • In open existing case activity, We use Obj-Open with Class of the case: XX-FW-ELM-Work-ELMInqCase, also use stepPage directly with pyWorkPage which is also of the same class.
  • When I run the flow ElmForUW, i get the following error: .pyCommitError: ** Database save using an insert failed

When Tracer is checked, we see that after finding related existing case, system is trying to do a commit action and gets an error, there are no previous errors.

Tracer errors are as follows:

1332TABTHREAD4102714Activity End7.4380 @baseclass doUIAction Pega-UIEngine 07-10-15
1331TABTHREAD4102714java21FAILStep End7.4120 @baseclass doUIAction Pega-UIEngine 07-10-15
1330TABTHREAD4102716Activity End7.4110 Work- NewFromFlow Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-11
1329TABTHREAD4102716Call New5FAILStep End7.4100 Work- NewFromFlow Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-11
1328TABTHREAD4102717Activity End7.4100 Work- New Pega-ProCom 07-10-15
1327TABTHREAD4102717Call AddpyWorkPage12FAILStep End7.0020 Work- New Pega-ProCom 07-10-15
1326TABTHREAD4102726pyWorkPageActivity End6.9860 Work-Cover- Add Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-15
1325TABTHREAD4102726Call WorkCommitpyWorkPage5FAILStep End4.5330 Work-Cover- Add Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-15
1324TABTHREAD4102748pyWorkPageActivity End4.5010 Work- WorkCommit Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-01
1323TABTHREAD4102748Call HandleCommitFailurepyWorkPage7GOODStep End2.7800 Work- WorkCommit Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-01
1322TABTHREAD4102753pyWorkPageActivity End2.7480 Work- HandleCommitFailure Pega-ProCom 07-10-01
1321TABTHREAD4102753Activity-EndpyWorkPage5GOODStep End0.0160 Work- HandleCommitFailure Pega-ProCom 07-10-01
1320TABTHREAD4102753Activity-EndpyWorkPage5Step Begin Work- HandleCommitFailure Pega-ProCom 07-10-01
1319TABTHREAD4102753Call DisplayHarnesspyWorkPage4GOODStep End2.5060 Work- HandleCommitFailure Pega-ProCom 07-10-01
1318TABTHREAD4102754pyWorkPageActivity End2.4740 Work- DisplayHarness Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-01
1317TABTHREAD4102754Branch Show-HarnesspyWorkPage2GOODStep End2.3770 Work- DisplayHarness Pega-ProcessEngine 07-10-01
1316TABTHREAD4102755pyWorkPageActivity End2.3120 @baseclass Show-Harness Pega-UIEngine 07-10-15
1315TABTHREAD4102755javapyWorkPage6GOODStep End2.0190 @baseclass Show-Harness Pega-UIEngine 07-10-15
1314TABTHREAD4102755When Rule EvaluationpyWorkPageFalseWhen End0.0160 @baseclass recordEvent Pega-UIEngine 07-10-01
1313TABTHREAD4102755When Rule EvaluationpyWorkPageWhen Begin @baseclass recordEvent Pega-UIEngine 07-10-01
1312TABTHREAD4102755When Rule EvaluationpxThreadTrueWhen End0.0020 Code-Pega-Thread IsUserThread Pega-WB 07-10-01
1311TABTHREAD4102755When Rule EvaluationpxThreadWhen Begin Code-Pega-Thread IsUserThread

Pega-WB 07-10-01

Activity Number 49
Parameter Page Name =unnamed=
Primary Page Class XX-FW-ELM-Work-ELMInqCase
Primary Page Name pyWorkPage
Step Method Commit
Step Number 4
Step Status FAIL
Step Status Info
 Database save using an insert failed 
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