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Openspan Loop HTML Table collection

Hi everyone.

I've got a trouble in a website I'm interrogating with OpenSpan studio 8.

In a subject page, I've got a section containing a paged list with a list of roles assigned to subject. More roles are assigned to the subject, more pages exists under this section.

Every page is matching with one different table because tables are already rendered in HTML when URL load. They are visibile with a javascript when you click for the correlated page.

Initially the customer gave us examples where we can find maximum two pages for the subject, so we started creating two tables (for manage 2 pages). But with other examples we are finding 4-5 pages and probably we will find more for other subject.

So, since I cannot suppose to create one table for every single page and table structure is always the same, I think it's better using a clonable table with UseKey property.

I already designed structure inside the clonable table, and I used GetClones property for give a ListLoop the way to loop all the tables (pages), but I don't know how to use the key property to identify the clone once I'm in the loop.

I also don't understand why the object brakes when List Loop starts. I supposed I had to pass the Collection in ListLoop but code doesn't like it.

I add screenshots.

Thank you in advance for support

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