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Options for PEGA Html client running in an iframe interacting with the hosting html page


I am new to PEGA and at a stage prior to development where we are looking into various capabilities of PEGA that we need. I hope my question here makes sense and perhaps somebody has tackled it previously.

I have a html page within which I would like a PEGA Case management application to be hosted in an iframe. In other word, the hosting html page acts as a container for running various applications side by side and the html page manages navigation, security, etc.

Now I got two scenarios I need to tackle:

Client side navigation to other html pages

Is it possible to use PEGA in such an embedded scenario so that PEGA can communicate to the hosting page via any means? For example by sending messages and setup an event listener which reacts to messages and process them accordingly (say perhaps sending it to the PEGA web tier for actioning). I do not want PEGA to hold a proper url but instead this is abstracted away so that PEGA sends a message for a destination as well as parameters along and the hosting web page marshals the data/navigation and the return to the PEGA application.

Launch of PEGA with a json payload.

Is it possible to launch a PEGA page by doing a POST with a set of values in the body (perhaps say in a json structure)? Again because the PEGA application is running as an embedded application I need to be able to pass on data/context to start the PEGA application. I do not want to rely on the query string as it is fairly limited as well as have security concerns.


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