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Posted: 27 May 2021 12:48 EDT
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OrchestratorURL owning ruleset incorrect?

I'm experiencing an issue with DevOps Foundation 4.8.4. According to the documentation a DSS called 'OrchestrationURL' with owning ruleset 'Pega-DevOps-Foundation' should be present on the development environment. However, the activity 'GetDMSystemSettings' is also checking for the existence of a value in OrchestrationURL with an owning ruleset 'PegaDevopsShared'.

When I do not explicitly add that specific DSS with owning ruleset 'PegaDevopsShared', the activity still returns an orchestratorURL and WHEN rule 'pzIsRMConfigured' will return 'true'. In addiction, an error will now be displayed when merging branches.

I suspect this might be an issue with packaging the incorrect OrchestrationURL and/or referencing the incorrect ruleset name in the activity? ( @alexl ? ;-))  


(workaround: create 'OrchestrationURL' with owning ruleset 'PegaDevopsShared' will fix the issue)

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