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Pega 7.2.2 Key Store Generation (Needed for SFTP server configuration) using .PPK file

1. Unable to load PPK file in Key Store Configuration needed for SFTP server Configuration("DATA-ADMIN-CONNECT-FTPSERVER" instance)

2. Only allowed values for keystore type is (JKS, PKCS12, KEY, KEYTAB)

3. Receiving below error when I try to enter keystore type as PPK and save (Invalid value for Keystore type. Specify one of [JKS, PKCS12, KEY, KEYTAB] )

4. Found below article for 7.2.1 Keystore generation using PPK file 

Followed the steps and commented step 3 in "activitiy Data-Admin-Security-Keystore.Validate" but still throws the same error as above ( step 5 Java code is explicitly checking for file types, JKS, PKCS12, KEY, KEYTAB )

Please advise for further steps.

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