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Posted: December 27, 2018
Last activity: January 25, 2019

Pega Agents and configuration

Hi All,

I like to fine tune some agents done by our vendor. I am very, very new to this Pega environment, as well as a very novice to Java. Therefore, I hope the experts here is able to provide a more detail and concrete example of doing the configuration, instead of asking me to read some general instruction and expect me to understand everything.

1) SFTP to and from another server
a) the target server has been configured in the environment,
i) do I need include the public key into the configuration?
ii) When I do a "Test Connection", is the actual connection done? Or is it just a ping to the server?
b) I saw that there is a connect-FTP method available, and from what I understand, it is only meant for pushing the file to the target server. Is there a method to retrieve file from the target server?
c) If I use the connect-FTP method, do I need to explicitly open the connection before calling this method?
d) How can I connect to the remote server, not writing Java Code, to check if a file is available?

2) How can I connect to database to query a table, without writing the connection in Java Code?

3) send email notification on the system and campaign status
There is a SendEmailNotification method to call.
i) How do attach a file in the email? By specifying the full path and the file name?
ii) What if the file is of dynamic name?

4) send SMS notification on the system and campaign status
Is there a similar method to SendEmailNotification for sending of SMS? Instead of writing Java codes to define the SMSC connection and need to separately to handle SMS that is more than 160 characters?

5) calling API on another server.
Is there any methods to obtain authorisation for calling the API, and then to call the API? Currently, all the credential are stored in the JAVA code, and I hope to move away from that.


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