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Pega API : unable to update case


Please clarify on below points that are related to Pega API.

  • Get Case operation:

>> what is the pattern of input parameter {id} to get the case details ? Is it Case Id or Inskey?.

>> we can call the API operations directly from external application with out alter the existing mechanism of get case api operation, but how do we keep needed attributes on response structure instead complete JSON format of service page as I would like to send status of

of object to external request.

Update case operation:

Unable to update the case status by using REST api since getting the below exceptions.

1) MyServicePage.pxObjClass (Pega-API-CaseManagement-Case)InvalidClassForInstance Abstract.

2) Getting HTTP Status code :403 , Here is the response , "pxObjClass":"Pega-API-CaseManagement-Case" ,"errors":[ { "ID":"Pega_API_020" ,"message":"Missing If-Match request header" ,"pxObjClass":"Pega-API-Error" } ] }

The following parameters are being passed in to service request

{ID} as Inskey of case id and

Request Body : { "content":{ "pyStatusWork":"Resolved-Completed"}}

Any inputs are most welcome.

PRPC version :7.2

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