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Pega-IAC ruleset position in App stack

Does anyone know the position of Pega-IAC ruleset  on app stack ?

I added it at the bottom of the stack for PegaRULES application rule for a POC purpose and didn't see any issues, see the attached image. Wanted to double check.

Any dependancy with Pega-ProCom, Pega-IntSvcs, Pega-WB and Pega-RULES rulesets ?

1) is it supposed to go on the application specific Application rule, lets say - MyCoInsClaims or should it go on PegaRULES app stack ?

2) My application is built on CPM so, apps heirarchy is:  MyCoInsClaims <-- CPM 7.13 <--- PegaChannelServices 7.13 <--- PegaRULES 7.10

So even with Pega frame works, the Pega-IAC ruleset should go to PegaRULES app stack or some where else?

Thank you for your help!!

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