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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley
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Morgan Stanley
Posted: August 5, 2018
Last activity: March 27, 2020

Should a production ruleset be added to the application ruleset stack


I have added a ruleset as a production ruleset in the application rule and by default the ruleset is not available in the operators stack unless we add it to the access group.

I din't understand why the production ruleset added is not added to operators stack by default.

Does this not cause any kind of inconsistencies in production env.. Since only a few users have access to rules in production ruleset while others dont have..

The usecase i'm talking is as below:

Lets say we have delegated a decision table for an operator.. The operator has access to production ruleset from an access group and also the ruleset is mentioned in the application rule. Now, in the application code i have written an activity to read from decision table to get some informaiton.

Now, user who has access to decision table is able to execute the DT. However, since i dont have the production ruleset added to AG its failing.

Should we add production ruleset to application rule rulset stack as well?

What is the recommendation?

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