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Pega Notification Manager goes to Stopped state from Running state

We are encountering an issue with Pega Notification Manager where some of our Pega Robot Runtime users who are on Virtual Machines frequently get an error whenever they try to launch applications. The error states that it "Could not get reference to Pega.Interop.Services.IDriverEventService".

We've tried opening Task Manager to check the Status of the services(Pega Updater Service and Pega Notification Manager. We are aware that Pega Updater Service kickstarts Pega Notification Manager) before launching Pega Robot Runtime. Once, we ensured that both the services are 'Running', we try to launch applications using Bot.

However, we've noticed that when the Bot is trying to open a IBM PCOM Mainframe session, the Pega Notification Manager goes from "Running" to "Stopped". 

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Has anyone else solved it?

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