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Dat Thanh Diep (DatThanhDiep)

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Posted: June 17, 2018
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Pega OOTB Edit in Review mode causes Internal Assignment problems

Hi All,

I am using Pega 7.2. I am facing a problem with the internal assignment. Opening an optimistic locking case, in review harness, users open a flow action "pyUpdateCaseDetails" run on top of the case's internal assignment. Then they refresh by the action button -> Refresh. In stead of opening the same flow action section, it opens the internal assignment section, which is expected. However, when users complete the internal assignment, and they try to do flow action "pyUpdateCaseDetails" again, the system throws an error "The assignment is no longer available". I understand that the internal assignment is gone.

My question is how to prevent users completing the internal assignment or how I can repopulate the internal assignment? The user must be able to edit cases in review mode. I think about some solutions but I want to know the best practice way:

  • Preventing users launch / get into the internal assignment: When they open the flow action A and click refresh, they reopen the whole work object to they will land on review harness. It works but I do not feel it is a right way.
  • Try a way to repopulate the internal assignment after user complete it: Before launching flow action A, running an activity to manually "Obj-Refresh-And-Lock" and calling "WorkUnlock" activity. The idea comes when I switch the case locking mechanism to default (not optimistic), when I refresh the case, I notice that after it runs "Obj-Refresh-And-Lock" step in "Work- WorkLock" activity, the internal assignment gets populated. With the optimistic lock, the case never gets to that activity so I have to manually call that steps. Calling WorkUnlock to release the key since it can not lock the case.
  • Manually repopulate the internal assignment: I am looking for an activity or any Pega Java API can repopulate the internal flow. Then I can call it when users reopen the flow action A. This solution will be better than the second solution but I can not find any activity or Pega Java API.

I attach the screenshot to reproduce the error. Everything is OOTB Pega 7.2.1. I appreciate any help you provide,



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