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Gowtham Allu (GOWTHAMALLU)
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Posted: September 24, 2020
Last activity: September 28, 2020

Pega Robotics create Lookup tables in a loop using ReplaceTableAutoKey

Problem statement - Execute Oracle query 1. Query 1 returns a result set.  Oracle query 2 needs to be run for each result of Query 1 (in loop). Output of Query 1 is input for Query 2.

Solution attempted : Executed OracleQuery1 and moved results into a lookup table.  Iterate on output using for loop and executed OracleQuery2.  Results of OracleQuery2 to be moved into a look table.  ReplaceTableAutoKey  is being executed on same table in a loop. I have also used Clear() before loading new results into lookup table. 


Expected behavior : The lookuptable should be cleared after each iteration and results of current iteration should be loaded using ReplaceTableAutoKey. 

Error: I receive an error " A column called Column 1 already belongs to this data table" in the second iteration. 


Automation and error are attached.

please suggest any alternatives to this.

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