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Posted: March 25, 2019
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Pega Robotics Differentiators

Kindly share inputs for differentiators

Blue Prism Ver (6.3)Pega Robotics 8.0
Bot Types Supports only unattended automation
Licensing ModelMore Flexible
Multi TenancyAdded the multi-team environment feature in v6.3 which enables
customers to create multiple teams with varying
levels of permission and access to Processes, Objects and Resources
Ease of Development Lower as compared to UiPath & AA with no recording feature and
Security FeaturesBP scores slightly higher on this
Event Based TriggersBP does not provide event based triggers.
Version Control IntegrationNo native integration with Third party tools.
Work Queues Available since inception of Tool
MI ReportsOut of box reporting features available like reporting tables, scheduled job to populate schema with standard dashboard.
Cognitive RoadmapBP is relying on external partnership like intelligent system and also offers VBO to integrate with Google, IBM Watson & Microsoft Cognitive services.
Windows 10 Support•Fully Supported
Architecture•Bot Exe interacts with App Server Exe through WCF (TCP/IP) protocol and .NET Remoting.
•All communication can be secured using certificate based authentication
•App Server Connects to DB
Code Files•Source Code files stored in SQL DB
•Bot extracts code from DB while execution happens on Bot VM
Configuration Management Integration•Source Code stored in DB hence no out of Box integration with CM tools like SVN possible.
•Provides inbuilt version control mechanism which offers limited features.
Credentials Vault•Inbuilt credentials vault to store third party credentials encrypted using latest algorithm in file share.
Encryption Algorithms for storing Credentials•Offers Multiple Encryption Algorithm.
•provision to utilize manual or automated generated Key.
•Provision to store key manually and add custom Access restrictions.
Communication•Bots access credentials decrypted at App Server.
•Shared with client in plain text through secured channel (WCF using TCP\IP Protocol or .NET Remoting)
CyberArk Integration•Out of Box Cyber Ark Integration available
Work Queues•Provision mechanism to utilize Encryption Algorithm to encrypt & store Work Queues items in databases.
Ability to Run Bots with locked Desktop•Bots need to unlock desktop\VM, provides Log In Agent functionality to execute own its own.
Work Queues SupportedWork Queues available since inception of product
Item level LockingAvailable
Defer Until / Postpone Item ProcessingAvailable
Encryption of WQ itemsAvailable
Tagging to filter itemsAvailable
Retry Feature to process items marked as ExceptionAvailable
Ability to Mark Exception ProgrammaticallyAvailable
Filter Queues ProgrammaticallyAvailable
Priority Assignment at Item levelAvailable
Robotic Process Automation
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