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Posted: July 1, 2020
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Posted: 1 Jul 2020 13:51 EDT
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Pre-processing data transform for Trigger_NBA_Top_Level strategy when requesting the NBAContainer

Hope you can help me with this question.

Where can I add data transform (DT) to be invoked before the Trigger_NBA_Top_Level when my CDH receives a request for the NBAContainer?  I was doing my DT  in the dataflow DFC8208d4cb77c9f579adc5f0f64d16e7b1601ccab7 (I guess the id will vary PegaMKT on the version) but from time to time seems that the dataflow is reset, I guess this is one of the rules that are updated when the NBA Designer changes.

My intention is to enrich Customer’s data by setting some flags based on customer’s product holdings. Similarly,  I am guessing this is the pattern to use when we want to set a Page available for the Strategy and then use it in a Data Import component is it correct?

Thanks in advance.

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