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Frank Marra (MARRF)
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Posted: March 20, 2018
Last activity: April 11, 2018

Problem Referencing Parameter-ized Data Page from Pega JSP tags

Processing Data Pages in HTML (Rule-Obj-HTML) using Pega JSP Tags works as expected for Data Pages that do not use parameters, i.e., a Data Page works like any other clipboard page:

<pega:withPage name="D_InterestedParties">
<pega:forEach name=".pxResults">
<pega:withEmbedded name="$this" >
<pega:reference name=".PartyName" />
<pega:reference name=".PartyType" />

But what if the Data Page does have parameters?

Pega JSP tags like <pega:reference/> or <pega:withPage/>, etc., don't seem to like the D_DataPageName[ParameterName:"value"] parameter syntax (

For Example

A reference tag <pega:reference name='D_TestCPL[Param1:"TEST"].pxResultCount' /> gives the error

Section 'TestDP' execution error on page 'pyTempPage' of class 'Work-'. : The reference D_TestCPL[Param1:"TEST"].pxResultCount is not valid. Reason: declare page parameters not supported by PropertyReference

Similarly a reference to <pega:withPage name='D_TestCPL[Param1:"TEST"]'> gives the error

Section 'TestDP' execution error on page 'pyTempPage' of class 'Work-'. : invalid page name: D_TestCPL[Param1:"TEST"]. Details: Invalid value for aName passed to

How can one access parameter-ized data pages from Pega JSP tags?
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