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Posted: June 5, 2018
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Process Offers via outbound delivery mechanisms

In My project, the requirement is to send the offer email not through the Pega Campaign, rather the email content management and delivery will happen through external system. Pega Marking Campaign will work as brain to identify which offer (email template) will be send to which customer using a complex strategy, and will pass the customer-id/email and the template name as batch file/DB table to that external system for final delivery of email with appropriate content to the customer.

Now to implement this I have 2 approaches, which I am writing below. I want to know which option is better any why?

Option 1: In the Campaign rule, in the Engagement section under Schedule, I can opt for “Direct output to template” where I will select a database template so that the campaign run will bypass the offer processing and the campaign result will be written to database template/table, which can be used by external system for actual email delivery.

Option 2: In the Campaign rule, whatever offers get associated with the strategy against each proposition, in those offer rules I will use the “Send Generic” shape. And there I will use File or Database template.

So that no actual email will be sent to customer, rather the offer/campaign result will be written in the file/database template which can be shared with the external system for final email delivery.

Please let me know your view on which option is better and why. I am preferring option 2.

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