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Production servers :high JVM GC time and the MRU cache limit value

Hi Team,

High JVM GC time has been observed recently for all the production servers and after analyzing the heap dump and the Pega alert logs, we could find references to and lots of PEGA0017 alerts

Please find the current DSS value and most recent MRU cache report details below.

collections/mru/lowercase/instancecountlimit10000Dynamic System Setting
collections/mru/propertyreference/instancecountlimit500000Dynamic System Setting
collections/mru/uppercase/instancecountlimit10000Dynamic System Setting

collections/mru/PropertyReference MRU Report Entry class: KeyedSoftReference

Current Target Limit Max Age(m) Drained #Drains Limited #Limits Maxed #Maxes Maint(s) HardToSoftCount SoftToHardCount SoftRefGCedCount

529683 400000 500000 600000 10 80130276 5193 0 0 100001 1 1585 80230277 449989 77232142

PropertyReferencePool Report

Limit Current Requests Reused NotFound Pruned

500000520091 2432211091 2350873377 81337714 81126342

Estimated size: 681M bytes

PropertyReferenceFactory Report

Reused TargetSize

273548952 144

Pool sizes


Please suggest.

System Administration
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