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Mohammad Niaz Abbas (niazabbas)
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Posted: March 30, 2021
Last activity: April 5, 2021

Questions on Pega Survey

Hi There,

We had few questions and concerns regarding Pega Survey on PRPC 8.5.x: 

  1. While creating a question using Pega Survey, it appears that a corresponding mapping column is automatically getting created in the work table. This is a concern as this may potentially create performance and tuning issues in the DB. Assuming that we are correct in identifying the creation of new columns while creating questions, we have below concerns:
    • What happens when we create large number of questions over time; e.g. more than 1000 questions in 3 years? Some of these are composite questions, so the potential number of new columns will be even higher.
    • What happens if we decide to decommission some questions?
    • We are going to use our own KYC property for mapping the answers; we will replace the OOTB property references with our own custom properties. What is the impact of these when we delete a question? Will PRPC delete these columns automatically, or we will need to write scripts to delete these? Note that these custom columns should not be deleted as these are used for various purposes.
  2. Currently, we are getting an “Ambiguous Column” error from Oracle when we “Save and Run” a Survey. It has been reproduced while screensharing with Pega Support.
  3. We are not going to create any instances of the Survey Case Type. According to our proposed solution, we will create question pages and questions separately and store in the library. These items from the library will be used to design the Survey. We will execute and display these Survey pages from a flow. So, no instances of the survey case type will be created.
    • Considering the above design, can we bypass deploying these new columns that are getting created automatically as we will use custom properties and columns instead?
  4. In our current setup, it takes more than one minute to save a Survey if it has more than 30 questions.
    • Is the above expected?
    • Considering performance and optimizations threshold, what is the recommended number of questions in a single survey?
  5. Is it fully accessible and support screen readers? Is Pega Survey ADA compatible?
  6. Does Pega Survey have multi-language support?

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Niaz

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