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Posted: August 8, 2016
Last activity: October 4, 2018

Record in a Grid is not selected when pySelected is set to true

We wanted to pre heighlight the row based on the previoulsy selected pySelected value in a Grid. In the second visit to an application screen.
To verify this we also tried the follwoing, system is not selecting the corresponding row.
1. Placed a text box and button on a screen
2. On button click, set user entered (text box) record's pySelected to true and rest to false. Refresh the section
2. Load the Grid (3 records in my case)
3. Enter 2 in the text box, click button

I have verified the property (pySelected) was set to true for the records number entered in the text box and rest to false. Also I see reload section in Tracer but recrod is not getting selected.

How can we achive this ?
Reference: SR-A87519
Last update from SR-A87519: The requirement specified not a product bug - it’s a how-to implement type of question.
FYI, in the repeat grid the “row” property panel need prompting for a “format” to apply on condition of pySelected=true. This “format” has to be defined in the skin and currently we don’t have the row formats to define in skin under “Grids” component setting.

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