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Posted: July 16, 2020
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Referring to top level step page when a child step has a step page

In a loop step of an activity, say I have a step page called .Courses of class TGB-HRApps-Data-Courses which has a property called .CourseName, lets say this is row number 4 in an activity

If no step page is specified on the child step then .CourseName for example would need no index since it is in the context of the iteration.  I can just refer it to it as .CourseName by itself and that would be equivalent to using the <CURRENT> symbolic index

Now I have a child step of the iteration 4.1 that has a different step page, lets say Teacher.  Without a page prefix the dot operator will refer to properties of the Teacher step page class within the step.   But how would I refer to a property of courses on the current iteration for the "outer" step page .Courses? - is there a shortcut without using the <CURRENT> index.


My thoughts are (.Courses is a page list defined on the class of the activity)

1.  Refer to it as Primary.Courses(<CURRENT>).CourseName

2.  Use the Top keyword.  Would this make sesne in this situation and would I have to define Top on Pages&Classes?   Thus I could refer as Top.CourseName and I would not need an index same as no step page specified

Is there another alternative?

Thanks.  I hope my question makes sense.

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