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Posted: December 18, 2017
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Refresh the data on the report without refreshing the section or report rule

We have requirements from business to refresh the data on the report without refreshing the section or report rule. Please find the below example requirements and let us know if see any feature to do in PRPC V7.1.9.
- Report Rule (Chart/Summary View) which shows all the worklist items count by status.
- Assume one of the User X items got increased to A to B then system need to refresh only A place and replace with B number instead of refresh complete content.

Worklist Report/Dashboard

Assigned User

Total Pending Items

User 1


User 2


User 3


User 4


User 5


  • If a new case assigned to User 5 then it has to show in the grid without refreshing the screen
  • If a case transfer from User 3 to User 2 then counts need to be updated without refreshing the screen
  • Above report is one of the piece on the dashboard (on a Dashboard page, will add more reports like this on single page)
  • All the report content need to be refreshed whenever change in the data ONLY

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