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Posted: December 15, 2020
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Posted: 15 Dec 2020 12:05 EST
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report definition on rule-obj-activity to find hard coded classes

Hi, i am looking for a way to do report definition on rule-obj-activity in order to find hard coding class on property-set. 

I need to write something like select the activities where in "whatever" step there is a property-set that as a PropertiesValue that contains : "My-Hardcoded-class" . 

In the case of the activities, the XML contain 2 pagelist : 

  • LVL-0<Pegadata>
  • LVL-1<pySteps REPEATINGTYPE="PageList">
  • LVL-2<pyStepsActivityName>Property-Set</pyStepsActivityName>
  • LVL-2<pyParamArray REPEATINGTYPE="PageList">
  • LVL-3<PropertiesValue>My-Hardcoded-class</PropertiesValue>

how can we query in PEGA with page-list ? 

I have tried : the star selector *  like  .pySteps(*).pyStepsActivityName  but it is not supported and other like .pySteps(1,2,3).pyStepsActivityName or .pySteps[1,2,3].pyStepsActivityName but nothing work. 

Same issue with my filter : .pySteps(*).pyParamArray(*).PropertiesValue

Does someone can help me on the subject ? 

many thx 

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