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Posted: September 26, 2019
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SAE 8 Capstone US-104

Hi ,

I am completing the Capstone for SAE 8

I also had the issue where I did not see an option from the case to open the section for US-104.

I was able to manually find the section in Tour-CarRentals-Data-RentalCustomer

When I add the dynamic layouts, I do not see "Header Type" in the properties panel. What would be the recommended way to add the titles of each layout? (IE: Personal information, Address information) etc? Also, I created all my properties under RentalCustomer, ie RentalCustomer.DateOfBirth - I noticed in other threads, others have created another level (IE: RentalCustomer.PersonalInformation.DateOfBirth) - is there an issue with the way I implemented it with only 2 levels?

One other question related to step types. Is the "Reserve Vehicle" - Route all reservation details to Customer Service Representative to manually enter into Reservation system of record step a Collect Information step, or should it be a different type? Similarly , are the two alternate stage steps, to display rejected and withdrawn messages also "Collect Information" type steps?


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